Brigadoon Fitness Featured in Business People Magazine

coverFORT WAYNE, IND. (April 6, 2018) — Brigadoon Fitness is proudly featured in the April edition of Business People Magazine.

Brigadoon Fitness builds its business around the ideal customer experience.
Brigadoon Fitness, a Fort Wayne-based supplier of commercial fitness equipment nationwide, takes a bold approach to selling its products. Rather than focusing primarily on product specifications, the company places its emphasis on making sure customers get what they need, when they need it. It seems like a subtle difference, but it not only ensures that Brigadoon provides quality products, but more importantly, it also delivers a service experience that is second to none.

Kevin Feldman, vice president of sales and marketing, explains, “We are a customer service focused organization selling fitness equipment, not a fitness equipment company with customer service.”

That approach is driven by a company philosophy centered on what Brigadoon calls the Ideal Customer Experience (ICE). Its culture has been built around making decisions that always consider the impact to the customer, with the understanding that getting it right will ultimately drive sales.

David Krites, executive vice president at Brigadoon Fitness, explains it this way. “If we can’t give the customer a better experience buying from us, they’re going to have no motivation to do so,” he says. “We don’t make choices just to save money. We make choices to improve the customer experience. It’s about having the right people and the right products in the right places at the right time.”

Stocking levels, product features and even internal processes are all measured against a central question: How does this change/improvement/idea improve the Ideal Customer Experience? Understandably, Krites and his Brigadoon team have to know their customers very well to effectively answer that question.

“We want to know our customers better than anyone else,” says Krites. “We ask questions, take the time to listen and are as transparent as we can be.”

Those kinds of conversations have driven the trajectory of Brigadoon’s business. The company started in 2012 selling fitness equipment in the hospitality industry as Hotel Fitness. As the company recognized a need in markets beyond the hotel and resort space, Hotel Fitness became a division within the expanded Brigadoon Fitness family.

As Brigadoon has evolved to meet customer needs, it has built its reputation on providing durable, high-value, commercial fitness equipment at reasonable prices. The company not only carefully selects its manufacturers to meet its high standards, it also collaborates with those companies’ product design teams to customize features and functionality that stay ahead of market trends.

“We listen to the market, solicit feedback from our customers and present solutions they’ve requested,” says Feldman.

For example, Brigadoon has long offered a family of commercial cardio equipment that is energy-efficient, manufactured with recyclable components and engineered to significantly reduce the carbon footprint. In order to reach a broader audience with these products, Brigadoon recently announced it will transition from its private-labeled Green Series brand to the more widely known Circle Fitness label of its manufacturer.

“Circle Fitness products have been sold throughout the world for more than a decade and manufactured at the same state-of-the art factory that makes Green Series equipment,” says Feldman. “The ability to tap into Circle’s global name recognition, resources, advanced technologies and worldwide service and distribution channel will be incredibly valuable to both our domestic and international customers.”

Likewise, the company continues to add new products and features as it identifies specific needs. Its broad range of fitness equipment expands well beyond the treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bicycles that are top-of-mind for most people. It also includes group cycling equipment, multifunctional machines, weight stations, benches and racks, steppers and a variety of fitness room accessories. Brigadoon also offers pool and patio furnishings under its Orange Italia brand.

“We want to offer the best products in our market segment,” says Krites. “We offer great quality at reasonable prices, and that value proposition supports our success.”

In fact, quality plays a significant role in Brigadoon’s value proposition. Brigadoon understands that within each client’s budget, he wants to receive the best equipment that will last the longest at the most reasonable price. Taking a cue from a Volkswagen tag line, Krites likes to describe Brigadoon products as “great for the price of good.”

Availability impacts success as well, and Brigadoon has gone to great lengths to ensure it has a ready inventory. Orders are generally shipped from its Fort Wayne-based distribution center, where they are often fulfilled within a day of being placed. Many competitors do not carry stock and instead simply relay orders to the manufacturer, where lead times may be lengthy.

“We’ve won quite a few customers because we have the product in stock,” says Krites.

Besides that, he continues, “We answer the phone. You are always going to talk to a real person here. Details like this make a big difference.”

Krites and his team have made creating the Ideal Customer Experience part of everyday life at Brigadoon. They passionately believe that satisfied customers drive future sales, so they continue to invest in the details that affect them.

“The better the benefit we offer to the customer, the more people will be attracted to it,” explains Krites. “People may buy fitness equipment on specs one time, but at the end of the day, it’s the service that matters.”

All customer interactions at Brigadoon – whether internal or external – are governed by five principles. It strives to show respect, be responsive, act reliably, build close relationships and maintain an excellent reputation. Above all, it wants to relentlessly push the bar higher in all areas.

“If we’re going to invest time to talk about something,” says Krites, “it had better improve the customer experience.”

Ultimately, Brigadoon knows that when the customer wins, it wins, so delivering the Ideal Customer Experience provides the most effective path to success.

Brigadoon Fitness Celebrates 5th Anniversary

FORT WAYNE, IND. (August 7, 2017) –Brigadoon Fitness has reached a milestone this August, celebrating 5 years of business.  The company has grown and expanded from its initial acquisition of Hotel Fitness, to working with customers in a variety of industries, including multi-family, education, military, fire and police, parks and rec, health clubs, governmental and corporate wellness.

Over the past 5 years, Brigadoon Fitness has quickly built a reputation for providing customers with quality commercial fitness equipment and unparalleled customer support.  In addition, the company has developed its own lines of commercial cardio equipment, under the name Green Series.  The Green Series family of commercial fitness equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, upright bikes and indoor cycles which are sold directly and through a network of more than 130 dealers throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

“I take great pride in joining our employees, clients and business partners in celebrating our company’s 5th anniversary.  We have come a long way in a just a few short years and I am excited about our future,” stated Bruce Dye, CEO of Brigadoon Fitness.

Looking ahead, Brigadoon Fitness plans to continue its growth by developing more products, increasing the size of its dealer network, adding to its workforce and expanding into additional industries.

WOWO / Brigadoon Penny Pitch Partnership Another Huge Success – Community Harvest Food Bank and Super Shot to Benefit

FORT WAYNE, IND. (December 16, 2016) – Brigadoon Fitness, with support from King of Carts announced the results of 2016’s WOWO Penny Pitch campaign. Total funds raised at the conclusion of Friday’s telethon totaled $171,904. With Brigadoon’s dollar for dollar match, the grand total from the Penny Pitch effort was $343,808.

charly-bruce-revised2016 marks the 68th year for the WOWO Penny Pitch campaign, and the second year that Brigadoon Fitness has partnered to match donations. WOWO’s Penny Pitch provides grants to not-for-profit organizations throughout Northeast Indiana.
“Partnering with WOWO to match the community’s donation is an honor,” said Brigadoon Fitness CEO and humanitarian R. Bruce Dye. “There are unmet needs in our community, and anything we can do to help generate added excitement, increase the pledges raised and expand the reach to those served is something we’re proud to support,” said Dye. Dye, on the right, is pictured with WOWO personality Charly Butcher.
“It’s been an emotional day for the WOWO family. The community stepped up again to support two great local charities, as did Bruce and Brigadoon,” Federated Media Market Manager Jim Allgeier said. “It seemed fitting that the last call we took during the telethon was from the daughter of Bob Chase, to whom this year’s campaign was posthumously dedicated.”
About Brigadoon Fitness
Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Brigadoon Fitness is the exclusive distributor of the Green Series™ fitness equipment in North America. In addition, we’ve designed and equipped more than 20,000 hotel fitness facilities through our division, Hotel Fitness®. We’re innovators, changing the way the industry does business by investing millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology, experienced people, product design and the largest inventory of fitness equipment and accessories in U.S. This unique approach allows Brigadoon Fitness to provide the best products and solutions, more efficiently and for the best value. For more information, visit www.brigadoonfitness.com and www.kingofcarts.net.

In the Market for New Fitness Equipment?

FORT WAYNE, IND. (August 30, 2016) – The following article appears in the August 2016 issue of Private University Products and News magazine.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.10.07 AM

Considerations when in the Market for New Fitness Equipment.
With budgets finalized and students back on campus, it’s likely your institution is preparing to invest in new fitness equipment. In other words, let the buying season begin. On average, properly maintained cardio equipment should be replaced every three to five years. Strength equipment can last up to 10 years or more. If you are in the market, here are a few suggestions to consider and questions you will want to ask before making your next purchase.
What do we want or need?
Before you begin investigating suppliers, have a clear understanding of the specific needs of your fitness center. How often is your current equipment being used and which products need replaced? What are the most popular items and why? Who is using the equipment and for what purpose? What do the users like, dislike and why? You may also want to survey the users of the equipment. They can provide terrific insight, and can confirm or dispel any beliefs you might have. Another great place to look is in the industry trade publications. Review the ads and articles and check out the vendors’ websites. If you haven’t attended a tradeshow in a while, now would be the time. Not only will you have the chance to see and test the equipment, it’s a great place to develop relationships with peers and vendors alike. All of these resources will provide a wealth of information on the newest products, technology and trends to help you make an informed decision.

Who do we invite to the dance?
Now that you’ve determined what you need, the next question is who you should ask to bid? If you don’t have a good list of contacts, a terrific place to start is the PUPN Marketplace or NIRSA Buyers’ Guide. You do not need to be a subscriber or member to access either of these resources. Additionally, talking with peers at other institutions is highly recommended as they can share their experiences with specific vendors, product quality, delivery, maintenance and post-sales support. Depending on the amount of equipment and specific needs, inviting at least three to four vendors to submit a bid should be adequate. Contact both local and national suppliers and spend some time talking and/or meeting with each. Ask for recommendations and don’t be afraid to consider equipment and product features that are different from the norm. Also, many suppliers will offer demo units to evaluate, especially if the quantity of equipment you are interested in purchasing is significant.

Total Cost of Ownership
There is the price you pay and then there’s what it cost. Sure, price is important, but don’t overlook the total cost of owning the product. Even the most durable equipment will require service and ongoing maintenance. It’s important to understand these expectations and costs. Although, purchasing equipment with all the bells and whistles can be attractive, some users may be intimidated and need assistance to operate. Further, repairs can be costly and require certified technicians to maintain. Be sure to inquire about the ease-of-use, training requirements, ongoing software upgrades and any additional facility needs (IE. electrical, WiFi, cable, space). Warranty protection, maintenance, post-sales support, parts availability and other facility requirements can vary greatly by manufacturer and significantly impact the overall costs. Be sure to read and understand the product warranty completely, including the fine print—are replacement parts freight costs covered? Is a lifetime warranty defined as the average life of the product or forever? How responsive is the service department? Try calling or sending an email to each vendor’s customer service department and evaluate how quickly your call or email is answered. Talk with other customers about their experience with both the overall product quality and vendor’s after-the-sale support. Did the product meet expectations? Did the vendor honor their commitments? Would they purchase the same equipment and work with the vendor again? Why or why not? All of these items should be considered part of the total costs and weighed accordingly.

How are you going to pay for it?
Once you have determined what you need and who you are going to purchase from, the next step is deciding how to pay for it. Should you buy it outright or lease it? Leasing has become much more common and provides an opportunity to change your equipment every few years. On the other hand, buying the equipment saves money by eliminating interest and providing you the ability to sell or donate it at a later date of your choosing. Most equipment vendors can refer you to reputable third-party finance companies or offer in-house financing options.
Purchasing new equipment for your fitness center can be an exciting and rewarding experience. A well designed and equipped fitness center will attract more users and help market your institution to prospective students, professors and administrators. Do your homework, ask a lot of questions, lean on the vendors for answers and include numerous people in the process.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Feldman is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Green Series Fitness, and wrote this article for Private University Products News.

Kevin M. Feldman
VP Sales & Marketing

Green Series 8000 Treadmill Featured in National Fitness Trade Journal

National-Fitness-Trade-JournalFORT WAYNE, IND. (January 4, 2016) — The new 8000 premium treadmill from Green Series Fitness, a Brigadoon Fitness company, is proudly featured in the Winter edition of the National Fitness Trade Journal. Distributed to fitness centers, athletic clubs, YMCA’s, JCC’s, military bases, rec centers and professional sports teams throughout the U.S., the National Fitness Trade Journal is the longest running publication in the fitness industry.

A Premium Treadmill without the Premium Price

The recently launched 8000 premium treadmill is a testament to everything Green Series Fitness exemplifies.  Stunningly modern, yet meticulously crafted, the new 8000 represents the next stage in Green Series Fitness’ growing cardio equipment portfolio.  Designed for health clubs or any facility seeking a premium treadmill without the premium price, you’re simply not going to find a better value.

Remaining true to its roots and the Green Series name, the 8000 is powered by a 6.0 HP, AC NextGEN III Eco-Drive System™, delivering an unsurpassed combination of energy-efficiency and power.   Working in concert with industry-leading drive motors and controllers, Habasit® premium running belts and SlikDek® reversible decks, the 8000 can reduce electricity costs by 30 percent.  Extensive field tests have also shown the NextGEN III Motor to run up to 20 percent cooler than comparable competitor’s treadmill motors under the same load and conditions.

The 8000 treadmill offers two user-friendly console options proving that advanced technology does not have to be complicated.  The Entertainment Series console features a vibrant, high-definition, 19” touchscreen with HDTV, WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity, integrated Apple® and Android® compatibility, USB and CSAFE charging ports.  Employing Virtual Connect™ technology, users can also enjoy their choice of 10 pre-loaded forward motion videos of beautiful sceneries from throughout the world, included at no additional cost.  A 19” LED is also available offering Bluetooth® connectivity, USB and CSAFE charging ports, toggle shifters for speed and elevation and a durable reading rack.

And if performance and comfort is what you desire, the 8000 delivers with its exclusive Smooth Deck Absorption System, biomechanically engineered to ensure a stable and flexible running surface for users of up to 500 lbs.  Further, with easily adjustable speeds of .2 to 17.2 MPH, elevations of up to 20 percent and over 20 exercise programs, the 8000 will appeal to users of all fitness levels.

What is Fueling the Growth of Green Series Fitness?

Three years ago, Brigadoon Financial, a private investment company, acquired Hotel Fitness, with a mission to grow the hospitality sector and expand into other markets.  Leveraging decades of experience in fitness, distribution, customer service and sales, the company has more than tripled revenues, engineered multiple lines of Green Series cardio equipment and developed a nationwide dealer network.

Operating under the Brigadoon Fitness umbrella, Green Series Fitness and its family of commercial cardio products are delivering some of the most energy-efficient, reliable and affordable equipment in the fitness industry.

So how does a relatively small and unknown company produce equipment that consistently outperforms many of the biggest names in the industry?  First, by partnering with the leading global manufacturers and challenging conventional thinking.  Second, by benchmarking the world’s best fitness equipment and aiming even higher.  Third, by testing and assessing Green Series products in the most demanding proving grounds.  And finally, by providing unmatched customer service combined with the smartest warranty protection in the industry.

Focused Product Innovation

While other cardio equipment manufacturers may focus on integrating cutting-edge technology with their products, Green Series Fitness is taking a somewhat different path.   “Our goal is not to provide the most advanced or feature-rich cardio lines on the planet,” says Dale Hansen, Director of Product Development at Green Series Fitness.  “Rather, we remain focused on delivering the best overall value and lowest total cost of ownership.  That means committing our resources to developing products that are incredibly durable, efficient, easy to use and affordable, while providing unparalleled customer service and support,” states Hansen.  “At the same time, we recognize the importance of staying current with the latest technology and advancements—we just prefer to do so without overwhelming users with intimidating or cumbersome programming that adds significant costs to the products and frequently goes unused.”

Smart Warranty Protection and Customer Support

It’s one thing to say your products are reliable.  It’s another to back it up. The Green Series warranty is yet another example of how Green Series Fitness continues to challenge conventional thinking.  Traditionally, manufacturers attach different warranties to different products, regardless of where and how the equipment is being used.  The Green Series warranty is based on the fitness application and amount of use.  Light commercial environments, defined as non-dues-paying facilities with up to six hours of daily use, deserve longer warranties, regardless of the products’ commercial rating.

All Green Series cardio equipment, including the new 8000 Treadmill, when used in light commercial settings, include a 10 year frame, six year motor (upgraded to seven years on the NextGEN III Motor), six year parts, two year wearables and one year limited labor warranty.  Full commercial applications carry a 10 year frame, five year motor, three year parts, two year wearables and one year limited labor warranty.  Extended labor warranties are available as well.

Changing How the Industry Does Business

In an industry where four to six week lead times are the norm, service is slow and calls get routed to automated phone systems, Green Series Fitness is changing the game.

With a large U.S. based inventory of equipment and parts, orders get shipped within 24 hours or the same day if needed.  Phones are answered by knowledgeable representatives and warranty or service needs are handled quickly by experienced technicians.  It’s this responsive reliability and commitment to excellence that has many industry insiders taking notice and driving Green Series Fitness to new heights.

Experience the most reliable and efficient products at these upcoming conferences:

– IHRSA, March 21 – 24, Orlando, Florida
– NIRSA, April 3 – 4, Orlando, Florida
– YMCA General Assembly, July 14-17, Kansas City, Missouri

Bruce Dye, CEO of Brigadoon Fitness To Support WOWO Penny Pitch by Matching all Money Raised

WOWO-Charly-BruceFORT WAYNE, IND. (August 17, 2015) ––Brigadoon Fitness announced its support of the 2015 WOWO Penny Pitch fundraising efforts by providing a dollar for dollar match of all proceeds raised. CEO, Bruce Dye, made the announcement this morning on air during the Fort Wayne Morning News with Charly Butcher. “There are tremendous needs in our community. Anything we can do to help generate more excitement, increase the amount raised and extend the reach to more charitable causes throughout the area, is something we’re proud to support,” said Dye.

“In the long history of Penny Pitch I’m pretty sure this has never been done,” commented Charly Butcher. “What Bruce and Brigadoon are doing is a game changer and gives Penny Pitch the chance to help many more people in the Fort Wayne area. Thank you Bruce Dye.”

Since 1948, WOWO’s Penny Pitch has been providing grants to not-for-profit organizations serving disadvantaged or physically handicapped men, women and children throughout Northeast Indiana. Last year’s fundraising efforts generated more than $130,000.

Applications for the WOWO Brigadoon Fitness Penny Pitch will be accepted until August 31st. Criteria for the application can be found at WOWO.com by clicking on the “Penny Pitch” tab. To be considered as a recipient of Penny Pitch, a charity must have an active 501c3 status and submit how the donated funds will be used.

Green Series Fitness Introduces Premium Cardio Equipment Line

8000_treadmill-300x270New 8000 Series is the Perfect Fit for Health Clubs

LOS ANGELES, CAL. (March 16, 2015) — Green Series Fitness, a Brigadoon Fitness company, proudly introduced the new 8000 Series cardio family last week at the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) 2015 Annual Convention in Los Angeles, California.  Four pre-production models, including the newly designed suspension elliptical, treadmill, recumbent and upright bike were showcased.  The 8000 Series has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of health club owners, their members and fitness enthusiasts alike.

“The 8000 Series is yet another example of how we continue to deliver products that are easy to operate, incredibly efficient, reliable and great looking,” said Kevin Feldman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We’re confident club owners and users will enjoy the simplicity, functionality and reliability that has become the trademark of all Green Series equipment.”

Designed for full commercial use, the 8000 Series features embedded touch screens with high definition televisions, WiFi connectivity, pre-programmed workouts, MP3 and USB ports, and Virtual Connect™ first-person forward motion videos of beautiful landscapes from around the world.

A 19” touchscreen or LED is available on the Treadmill, which also includes a 6 HP AC high-efficiency drive system, paddles for speed and elevation, 0.2 to 17.2 mph, 0 to 22% elevation and a 500 lbs. user weight capacity.  

The innovative 8000 Series Suspension Elliptical offers a 15” touchscreen or LED, which are also available on the recumbent and upright bikes.  With a 500 lbs. user weight capacity, quick shift resistance paddles and low step-up height, this elliptical delivers exceptionally smooth operation, comfort and accessibility.

Green Series Fitness plans to begin mass production on the 8000 Series family with projected availability in November or December of 2015.

Green Series Featured in National Fitness Trade Journal

nftj_cover-300x257FORT WAYNE, IND. (January 5, 2015) — Green Series Fitness, a Brigadoon Fitness company, is proudly featured in the Winter edition of the National Fitness Trade Journal. Distributed to fitness centers, athletic clubs, YMCA’s, JCC’s, military bases, rec centers and professional sports teams throughout the U.S., the National Fitness Trade Journal is the longest running publication in the fitness industry.

An innovative combination of durability, energy efficiency and affordability that delivers the lowest cost of ownership
Green Series™ is a family of commercial cardio equipment designed for users who value dependable, efficient, attractive and affordable products. As the name implies, Green Series products are incredibly energy efficient, manufactured with recyclable components, and engineered with a commitment to significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

Although prior generations of Green Series products have been sold and used in the U.S. for nearly a decade, you may be asking: How does a relatively unknown company produce equipment that consistently outperforms many of the biggest names in the industry? First, by partnering with the leading global manufacturers and challenging conventional thinking. Second, by benchmarking the world’s best fitness equipment and aiming even higher. And finally, by testing and assessing Green Series products in some of the most demanding proving grounds.

Green Series Family of Cardio Equipment
Green Series was born out of a need to develop highly reliable, energy-efficient, easy-to-operate and affordable commercial fitness equipment. These had to be cardio products that could stand up over time in a variety of commercial settings, save energy, and minimize total cost of ownership. The equipment also had to look great, perform impeccably, and be easily assembled and serviced.

Durable and stylish, Green Series includes the 6000 light commercial and 7000 full commercial cardio lines in contemporary matte black finishes. Each piece offers easy-to-use, one-touch controls; versatile speed and incline ranges; Smooth Motion Technology™; shock absorbing decks; and a variety of popular exercise programs. Additionally, the 7000 Series offers a choice of intuitive LED consoles or embedded touch screens with built-in digital televisions.

Powerful and Efficient
Operating at nearly 90 percent efficiency and using up to 50 percent less electricity, Green Series treadmills feature energy efficient motors. However, motor efficiency accounts for only 20 percent of the overall treadmill efficiency. The drive-motor controller, running-belt efficiency, belt lubricant efficiency and deck efficiency account for the remaining 80 percent.

After years of research and development, countless power-consumption tests, and partnering with the leading motor, motor-controller, deck and belt manufacturers in the world, we have developed the most durable and efficient treadmills in the industry. Green Series machines are efficient sure, but more than that, they are powerfully efficient with higher torque. And we don’t stop with the motors. We’ve also designed our embedded touch screens with TVs to minimize the amount of electricity needed to power them, lowering the total power consumption across all products.

Tough Enough for Military Use
The most important feature of any piece of fitness equipment is its long-term reliability. Our innovative warranty protection is a testament to the durability of our products. But durability is about much more than providing an unsurpassed warranty. It’s about performance under pressure. That’s why we assemble and test every piece of Green Series equipment at the factory prior to delivery.

Built with less plastic and more metal, Green Series products are rock-solid, having undergone rigorous testing and evaluation in demanding environments for nearly a decade. Health clubs, corporate fitness centers, junior-senior high schools, hotels, and fitness facilities throughout the U.S. have been using our equipment alongside many of the most widely recognized brands in the world. During this time, Green Series products have experienced significantly fewer service-related issues.

Recently, the Green Series was put to the test at the U.S. Marine Corps training facility at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. After months of heavy use, often by military personnel running at high speeds with heavy backpacks, Green Series performed as well or better than the competitors’ products, which cost upwards of 50 percent more.

Value of Partnership
Habasit maintenance-free, lubricant-infused running belts. Kuo Shuay high-efficiency treadmill motors. Rhymebus motor controllers and inverters. Hutchinson drive belts. Jendel pedal assemblies. These global leaders are recognized and trusted for manufacturing the highest-quality parts in the fitness industry. The same parts are found in Green Series equipment and worldwide in many other top cardio products costing much more. Why? Because smart companies understand the value of partnering with those that have mastered their core competencies. We take great pride in being able to work with these industry leaders.

The Smartest Warranty Protection
It’s one thing to say your products are reliable. It’s another to back it up. The Green Series warranty is yet another example of how we continue to challenge conventional thinking. Traditionally, manufacturers attach different warranties to different products, regardless of where and how the equipment is being used. The Green Series warranty is based on the fitness application and amount of use. Light commercial environments, defined as non-dues-paying facilities with up to six hours of daily use, deserve longer warranties, regardless of the products’ commercial rating. All Green Series cardio equipment, including our 6000, 7000 and 7000E Series used in light commercial settings, have a 10-year-frame, six-year-motor, six-year-parts, two-year-wearables and one-year-limited-labor-warranty. Full commercial applications carry a 10-year-frame, five-year motor, three-year-parts, two-year-wearables and one-year-limited-labor warranty. Extended labor warranties are available as well.

Innovation Drives Everything We Do
We are innovators, committed to changing the way the industry does business. From groundbreaking products to smarter warranties to how we serve our customers, innovation is the catalyst for everything we do.

Over the past two years we’ve invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology, experienced people, product research and design, and the largest U.S. based inventory of equipment and parts. Additionally, we recently moved into a new 70,000-square-foot global distribution center and corporate headquarters, allowing for greater efficiencies, communication and collaboration among our team members. You’ll experience it the first time you call — customer service and inside sales representatives who answer the phones and respond quickly and knowledgeably. Equipment and parts are shipped out in hours rather than days or weeks. And, service and repair advice is provided by experienced technicians who won’t leave you waiting for answers.

Who Is Green Series Fitness?
In August 2012, Brigadoon Financial, a private investment company, acquired Hotel Fitness, with a mission to grow the hospitality sector and expand into other industries. With expertise in logistics, distribution, fitness, customer service and sales, the company has more than doubled revenues, engineered multiple lines of Green Series cardio equipment, and developed a nationwide dealer network. Now operating under the Brigadoon Fitness umbrella, Green Series Fitness and its lines of commercial cardio products are delivering some of the most energy efficient, reliable and affordable equipment in the fitness industry.

See our products in action at www.GreenSeriesFitness.com/green-series-product-videos. Contact us at 800.862.1509, or Info@GreenSeriesFitness.com for more information.

Brigadoon Fitness Introduces New Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycles


VOR-IC6000-G-Indoor-Cycle-shadow2FORT WAYNE, IND. (August 26, 2014) — Brigadoon Fitness announced today the addition of two indoor cycles to the Green Series cardio equipment lineup.

 Featuring a dual magnetic brake resistance system, the Green Series 6000 and 7000 Series indoor cycles provide belt driven, maintenance-free performance with unparalleled quality and reliability.

 Smooth, quiet and offered in a light or full commercial model, the Green Series Indoor Cycles feature multiple position hand grips, perimeter-weighted flywheels with sweat guards, ultra-strong chromoly axles, multiple seat and handlebar adjustments and micro-adjust safety knobs with emergency stops. In addition, the 7000 Series full commercial cycle includes an onboard display providing users with distance, speed, cadence, calories, time, heart rate and resistance levels.

 Housed on contemporary matte black frames with yellow and green accents, these front drive indoor cycles offer comfort, durability, efficiency, affordability and ease of use that has become synonymous with all Green Series products.

 “You’re simply not going to find better indoor cycles for the money,” said Kevin Feldman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Brigadoon Fitness. “And like all of the Green Series products, both cycles are backed by our innovative warranty protection and responsive customer support team.”

 Full warranty details are available at www.GreenSeriesFitness.com/warranties.

To provide excellent service with North American distribution, Brigadoon Fitness is partnering with dealers and distributors in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean that can deliver the Green Series products professionally and provide responsive post installation services.

Brigadoon Fitness Completes Move Into New Headquarters

brigadoon_building_frontFORT WAYNE, IND. (September 16, 2014) — Brigadoon Fitness announced today the completion of its relocation and expansion.  After many months of interior and exterior renovations, the company has moved to 1818 Research Drive in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and includes Brigadoon’s corporate headquarters, global distribution center and fitness equipment showroom.
The move stems from Brigadoon’s need for additional space to accommodate growth in demand for the company’s fitness equipment products and services.
“Our business has doubled over the last two years and we needed a space that could accommodate this growth,” stated Kevin Feldman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “Being under one roof also provides us with greater efficiencies, communication and collaboration between our sales, customer service, accounting and logistics teams.
The 70,000 sq. ft. building sits adjacent to Interstate 69, just south of Exit 311 on Fort Wayne’s north side.  Images of fitness equipment and illuminated signs adorn the large exterior façade and making it highly visible to passing traffic.  The interior includes offices, conference rooms, warehouse space and a large fitness equipment showroom.
An open house is planned for the near future.

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