TOR-MLPD Lat Pull Product
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TOR-MLPD Lat Pull Down

M Series™ Strength Equipment PDF


  • Motion Path –

    A natural path of motion from independent diverging arm travel.

  • Smooth –

    Direct smooth feel from Kevlar belts and internally lubricated cables.

  • Incremental Weight –

    Gradual resistance increases through drop down weight increment system.

  • One Handed Adjustments –

    Easy one-handed seat adjustments through gas-assisted 4-bar mechanism.

  • Design –

    Clean, pleasing sight lines through low profile, fully shrouded 5’ towers, all of uniform height.

  • Trays –

    Convenient integrated rubber trays for storage of water bottle, keys, MP3, etc.


  • Dimensions –

    60″ L x 56″ W

  • Weight –

    577 lbs.

  • Bearings and Shafts –

    Maintenance-free durability from sealed ball bearings over solid steel shafts at pivot points

  • Weights and Guide Rods –

    Heavy-duty weight plates riding on 3/4″ hardened steel chrome plated guide rods

  • Durable Grips –

    Durable grips from non-absorbing rubber compound secured with aluminum collars

  • Weight Stack –

    240 lbs. magnetic attached weight stack pin with breakaway lanyard to prevent loss or damage

  • Warranty –

    Frame – 10 Years, Parts – 1 Year

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