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BOC-GXP Multi-Function Trainer

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  • Press and Row –

    Press and row station with adjustable starting point.

  • Double Up Feature –

    Unique double-up feature increases the resistance to a 1:2 ratio, providing up to 400 pounds of resistance on press arm.

  • Cable Station –

    Cable station with adjustable arms.

  • Ab Crunch –

    Ab crunch station for abdominal training.

  • Low Pulley –

    Low pulley station for low rows, abductor and abductor leg kicks, arm curls, upright rows, etc.

  • High Pulley –

    High pulley station for lat pull downs, and triceps push downs.

  • Leg Extension –

    Leg extension and curl station provides seated leg extension and standing leg curl.

  • Features –

    200 lb. enclosed weight stacks. Sealed, internally lubricated bearings at pivot points for smooth performance. Optional leg press attachment. Space saving design for against wall. Fully adjustable to fit any size user.


  • Dimensions –

    65″ L x 65.75″ W x 81.75″ H

  • Warranty –

    Frame – Lifetime, Parts – 2 Years

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