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FMI-M3DFC 3D Chest/Arms Machine

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  • Chest –

    3D chest movement with user-defined motion provides multiple chest exercises to maximize training variations.

  • Positions –

    16 position arms on both left and right.

  • Backrest –

    A traditional supported and seated position is ideal for traditional and first-time exercisers. To further challenge the body, advanced users may perform exercises off the backrest or standing.

  • Independent Arm Movement –

    Handles move independently for a wide variety of chest exercises and single arm movements.

  • Motion Range –

    Swivel pulleys design ensures fluid cable travel and provides nearly unlimited range of motion.


  • Dimensions –

    62″ L x 52″ W

  • Weight –

    377 lbs.

  • Bearings and Shafts –

    Maintenance-free durability from sealed ball bearings over solid steel shafts at pivot points

  • Weights and Guide Rods –

    Heavy-duty weight plates riding on 3/4″ hardened steel chrome plated guide rods

  • Durable Grips –

    Durable grips from non-absorbing rubber compound secured with aluminum collars

  • Weight Stacks –

    Magnetic attached weight stack pin with breakaway lanyard to prevent loss or damage

  • Warranty –

    Frame – 10 Years, Parts – 1 Year

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