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LLU-2-TNTS-4 Suspension Training, Cable System TNT

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  • Better Exercise –

    The Cable System is proven to be better than weights for developing size, strength and power, according to Kevin Pasquay, Performance Director at the Sports Science Center.

  • Upper Body –

    Work your arms and shoulders with uppercuts, bicep curls and frontal raises.

  • Lower Body –

    Then, build your lower body strength with lunges and squat presses.

  • Door Anchor –

    Our door anchor and belt (belt sold separately) can expand your fitness routine with lunges, hamstring extensions, ab exercises, resistance running and more.

  • Modifiable –

    Need to modify the intensity of your workouts? You can easily vary the number of cables used-or switch them out with a new set.

  • DVD –

    Now, get the new TNT DVD included for FREE when you buy a TNT System! The 90 minute DVD takes you through a comprehensive series of full-body functional movements and training progressions.


  • Includes 4 Products –

    (3) 5 ft. cables (40 lbs. peak resistance each)

  • Includes –

    (2) 3-in-1 ergonomically designed triple grip handles

  • Includes –

    (1) heavy-duty door anchor

  • Includes –

    (1) instructional DVD with brochure by fitness expert, Jon Hinds

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