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LLU-7-WSR-X Extra Heavy Weighted Speed Rope

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  • Durable –

    If you’re looking for a powerful and effective cardio workout, the weighted speed rope is for you.

  • Heavy –

    The extra heavy speed rope is a maximum safe weight of 1.25 lbs. (black) is all in the rope – not in the handles, making your workout comfortable and smooth.

  • Engineered –

    Professionally engineered, the weighted speed rope features our new high-tech, ball bearing handles for smooth rotation, and two sliding rope adjustors make any rope length adjustment quick and easy.

  • Recommended –

    It’s used and recommended by recognized fitness experts and was developed by jump rope expert Bobby Hinds, the “Jump Rope King”.

  • Book –

    Take your fitness to new heights with the comprehensive jump rope book.


  • Includes All 3 –

    (1) 10 ft. extra-heavy weighted speed rope

  • Includes –

    (2) high-tech, ball bearing handles

  • Includes –

    (1) Your Guide to Jump Rope Fitness workout book by Bobby Hinds

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