Octane Fitness

Octane Fitness is the only manufacturer that produces zero-impact cardio trainers for commercial work out spaces as well as home gyms. For nearly twenty years, Octane Fitness has been manufacturing some of the best fitness machines in the industry.

Their line of standing ellipticals, lateral ellipticals, and recumbent ellipticals are some of the best exercise equipment in use today. Octane already has delivered multiple innovations that have revolutionized workouts, yielded fitness results and fueled exercisers worldwide.

Their Octane Fitness Zero Runner replicates running with a smooth motion, but without the impact. In 2012 they introduced the LateralX, which offers lateral motion as well as a stepping motion for total body challenges. The XT-One is an all-in-one cross trainer that lets you walk, run, hike, or climb.

Whether you are outfitting your commercial gym or your home gym, Octane Fitness Ellipticals may be the best for you.

Check out our great selection and contact us today. We can help you choose the right piece of exercise equipment that will fit your needs and your budget.