True Fitness TC400 TreadmillA treadmill is a cardiovascular exercise machine for running or walking in one place. It provides a moving platform with a wide conveyor belt driven by an electric motor. The belt moves to the rear requiring the user to walk or run at a speed matching that of the belt. Various speed and inclines can be controlled on the fly. Click for Treadmills.

True Fitness XC400 Elliptical
An elliptical trainer or cross-trainer is a stationary, cardiovascular exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries. People with minor injuries can use an elliptical to stay fit, as the low impact affects them little. Click for Ellipticals.

True Fitness C400 Recumbent BikeA recumbent bike is where the rider is more in a reclining position. This ergonomic position distributes the rider’s weight more comfortably over a larger area, supported by back and buttocks. On a more traditional upright bike, the body weight rests entirely on the small portion of the sitting area, the feet and the hands. Group classes generally use specialized stationary bicycles featuring adjustments to modify the difficulty of pedaling. Various seat and handlebar positions to fit the bicycle to the riders size and preference. There’s a weighted flywheel, which simulates the effects of inertia and momentum as riding a real bicycle. Click for Bikes/Cycles.

A rowing machine simulates the action of rowboat rowing for cardiovascular exercise. Calibrations measure the amount of energy the rower is using. There is an adjustable magnetic resistance used while pulling the rope to row, and the ergonomically correct seat carriage moves freely back and forth on an I-beam rail.
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True Fitness VC900 Palisade ClimberSteppers can be two pedals with independent motion to simulate stair climbing through the use of pneumatic cylinders, or more advanced rotating staircases with various electronic speed controls often called step mills. Today’s technology allows for touch screen consoles, iPod® connectivity and televisions.
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Stretching is beneficial when warming up, or cooling down from a workout to help prevent injury by increasing flexibility. On a stretch station, the user sits on the cushioned seat with their knees on the kneepad and holds the handlebars to perform various stretching. Also used are balls, mats and elastic bands. Click for Stretchers.


TRU-FS-100 Multi-Function TrainerFunctional training improves coordination and balance while increasing core strength. Seventy, or more, exercises are often available on one machine. Adjusting weight stacks, handles, seating, pivoting and interchangeable accessories allow you to define a variety of arm, leg and core muscle groups.
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Single or dual exercise equipment is any apparatus or device used during physical exercise to enhance the strength or conditioning effects focusing on one or two muscle areas. These are meant to be able use quick-and-easy with minimal adjustments for the users size and weight usage desired.
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Angled flat tray racks hold the hex style, or saddle racks hold the pro dumbbell style. Sturdy, padded, versatile utility and abdominal benches adjust and lock in from flat to various inclines as desired.
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Dumbbells or ‘free weights’ have various weighted pairings and are the most versatile pieces of equipment in the gym.
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Total fitness rooms today require an assortment of accessories. There's various simulated wood or rubber flooring, physician weight scales, water coolers, sanitation stations, towel returns, exercise mats, kettlebells, suspension training bands and stability balls, bosu balls and medicine balls for core training.
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