6 Busted Fitness Myths

People have different health issues and they try every possible way to be fit. However, they often fail because of a lack of better understanding on the essence of fitness. They are prone to believe in certain fitness myths, which contribute greatly to the failure.

Let us expose and bust some of these fitness myths so you can start over with your exercise and fitness routine.

First fitness myth: Fat genes

First of all, there is no such thing as a fat gene, so you cannot use that excuse anymore. You can say that you are fat or over weight because it runs in your family, but the hard truth is there is no such thing as a fat gene. You can’t be fat just because your mom or dad is overweight; it is not part of the DNA structure. It is in the food you eat and your life style, it is more of nature versus nurture and in this case it is nurture. If your family likes to eat unhealthy food then chances are, you tend to eat the same thing. If your family likes to just sit down and not move about, there is a possibility that like them, you spend your time doing the same thing. So remember, it is not genetic.

Second fitness myth: To lose weight you have to skip meals

A lot of people believe that skipping meals is the best way to take off the weight. But according to scientific facts, those who skip meals tend to be more overweight. The logic behind it: your body craves for food, so if you skip lunch, you will more likely eat a lot at dinner. It is better to eat small meals because it makes your body metabolize faster.

Third fitness myth: Eating late at night will make you fat

Ok, you must have heard this a thousand times, but seriously the only damage is when you overeat at night, with burgers, fried chicken, ice cream, and other unhealthy food before going to bed. If that is the case then surely, you will get fat. But having a late night snack of fresh fruit or carrot sticks do not pose a problem. As long as you eat healthy food late at night, there is no real threat.

Source by Dan Rigler

Note from Brigadoon Fitness

We’ve added a few more fitness myths that need busting.

Fourth fitness myth: Eating healthy foods is expensive

It may take some planning and time in the kitchen, but eating healthy on a budget is possible. Create a shopping list and stick to it. Stock up on staples. Consider buying frozen or canned fruits or vegetables when not in season.

Fifth fitness myth: Full-fat products makes you gain weight

Be aware that fats aren’t created equal. Choose unsaturated fats that are heart healthy and avoid high saturated fats. You may even have heard that low-fat or fat-free producst are healthier. but beware! they may contain added sugar or sodium to make up for the loss of flavor.

Sixth fitness myth: Avoid carbs and eat more protein to lose weight

Sure, you may have success in losing weight, but can you sustain it? You may actually miss out on vital nutrients if you skip fruits and whole grains. Adding too much protein to your daily diet and increase your risk of heart disease and obesity.

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