A Beginner’s Guide To the Recumbent Bike

Are you planning to buy a stationary exercise bike? On your shopping list should be a recumbent version of the cycle. It is, arguably, one of the best pieces of training equipment that you can use. The bike puts your body under lesser strain than a traditional variant. The seating position is much different than that of a conventional cycle (upright bike or spin bike). You can work the pedals in a relaxed upright posture instead of hunching over the handlebars. This helps in reducing the pressure on your spine and back, as well as joints such as knees and ankles. However, if you are using the equipment for the first time, you need to have a proper plan in place. Here is a simple but effective guide for beginners to make the most of their training sessions with the cycle.

Maintain Constant Speed Throughout A Session

Training on a recumbent machine can make your cardiovascular system more efficient. Make sure that you maintain the same pedaling speed during a session perhaps set a time goal of 5 minutes of consistent pace. Don’t accelerate at any point to see how much you can endure, and slow down if you feel tired.

Don’t Workout At Higher Intensity Levels At The Beginning

One of the common mistakes that beginners commit is to start training at higher intensity levels. Your body needs time to adapt to the exercise regimen. Never start by configuring the bike settings to very difficult levels. Just like speed, you must maintain the same intensity levels throughout a session. Choose an easy setting for your workout. During the initial days, refrain from using pre-set programs that increase intensity after a certain time.

Avoid Exerting Yourself During The Initial Days

The harder you train, the more fit you will become, but that does not mean you start exercising hard from day one. It is important for beginners to determine the amount of effort to put into a session. If you start panting or feel that your heart rate has exceeded a safe range, then you are putting in too much effort.

Gradually Increase The Duration Of Your Training Sessions

The duration of your cycling sessions is another important factor to be considered. As mentioned before, your body requires time to adjust to the fitness program. The muscles in your legs have to adapt to the pedaling. Start with short-duration sessions and gradually increase the time. Try to increase the time by ten minutes every week.

Wrapping Up

Your recumbent bike exercise session will be incomplete without a proper recovery routine. Once you achieve the time goal for a session, slow down the speed and continue pedaling for 4 to 5 minutes. If you haven’t done any physical exercise for a long time, then your body will feel sore for a few days. After 4-5 sessions, things will be normal as you get used to the new training regime. Follow the ideas discussed here to efficiently train on your exercise cycle.

Source by Mike Greaves

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