How to Lose Pounds, Lose Weight, and Lose Fat With a Daily Power-Walking Fitness Program

Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

Do you want to lose weight? I mean do you seriously, honestly, cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die, want to lose weight and get in shape? Or, are you still counting on that so-called miracle wonder diet to transform you into a new sex symbol. You know, the diet you just paid good bucks for, that you don’t follow? Do you want to be slimmer and sexier, with a tight toned body? Would you like to fit into your skinny-jeans again?

Of course you do. And what amazes me is that 95% of the people on earth who want to look good, be slim, toned and sexy, are not willing to work for it! Do you honestly think that just watching your diet is going to give you a sexy figure? It won’t. It’s time to get real.

Do You Want To Be Sexy? Here’s How…

Sexy doesn’t come cheap. You’ve got to work for it. You’ve got to devote time to it. You’ve got to want it bad. Now, if you’re willing to devote at least 30 minutes a day to getting a slimmer, sexier, toned figure – you can do it. Your sexy toned figure starts with a 30-45 minute daily power-walk and exercise program.

This is a proven fitness program I’ve been using for over twenty years. I’ve taught this simple fitness program to hundreds of people over the years, and it works. It’s Power-Walking with a figure-firming, muscle-toning exercise routine added.

Man and Woman power walking

Power-Walking Is Your Secret Weapon

Now please don’t brush me off simply because I’m talking about walking. Power-walking is remarkably effective. Power-walking burns calories, burns fat, and slims you down. Power-walking is as good, or better, than jogging and running since it’s easier on the knees and everyone can do it.

And no, you won’t lose 10 pounds in a week. That kind of weight loss is mostly water-weight loss anyway. Quick weight loss isn’t that blubbery fat around your stomach, or those unattractive saddlebag thighs, or that muffin-top waistline. Losing fat tissue takes time, effort, and dedication.

Okay, enough preaching. Here’s what you’ll need to do to lose weight and fat (and that muffin-top waist):

– Commit yourself to devoting at least – AT LEAST – 30 to 45 minutes a day, every day, to power walking and exercise. What…? You don’t have time? You’ve got to find the time…no excuses. Remember, “You gotta pay the price, to look sexy and nice.”

– Here’s power-walking in a nutshell: Walk fast. Stretch out your steps. Push yourself off on every step you take. Don’t – DON’T – just glide along. Push yourself off on every step. Believe me, you’ll know it when you’re doing it right.

– In the beginning your legs and calves will ache and hurt. In power-walking, pain and hurt is good when first starting out; it means you’re doing it right.

– If at all possible, add some push-ups, sit-ups, and leg lifts to your daily exercise routine. Devote 15 minutes a day to exercises other than your power walking.

– Get yourself a set of rubber resistance bands. Use them. No, you don’t need weights. I use my resistance bands every day. Resistance bands are far more effective than weights and dumbbells when it comes to toning the body. They’re easier to handle, plus, when you’re finished you just toss them in a drawer, out of sight.

– Power-walk and workout EVERY DAY. Make it a habit. No excuses. It’s important to make this an ingrained habit. I can’t stress this enough.

– Weigh yourself everyday and keep a record. Jot down your weight on your calendar. Also, write a “W” on your calendar for every day you walk, and a “W.O.” for everyday you do workout exercises. When your weight is in black-and-white you can’t ignore it. Weigh every day. It’s a great motivator to keep up your program.

This routine works. It’ll burn fat and calories, muffin-tops and saddle-bag thighs. It will – absolutely WILL – slim you down if you’re dedicated.

I think of this program as my anti-aging, staying fit, slimming down, miracle good-looks program. Be sure and get your doctor’s okay before starting this or any other exercise program.

Source by Mike Allred

Note from Brigadoon Fitness

Welcome 2023!

Resolutions have mostly been made and the #1 new years resolution is to lose weight. Now most people are serious when they make this pledge, but soon find out that bad habits and life get in the way. Here is an article that proves that if you just give a little time – just 30 minutes a day! – you can achieve your goals.

So let’s answer a few questions about power walking.
> Do I have to do it everyday? The short answer is no. Aim for 30 minutes for at least 3 days per week, at least to start.
> Is power walking better than running? In some ways yes. It burns a similar number of calories and is easier on your joints.
> Can power walking really tone my stomach? It will definitely help you to lose fat all over your body, including your belly. But just add in some extra moves and you can tighten your core. Try incorporating some arm jabs and uppercuts, add knee to elbow moves while walking, also try walking up inclines.

Are you ready? Let’s examine the basics of power walking to get you started.
1. Good posture – eyes forward, shoulders relaxed and back, head upright.
2. Bend arms at a 90 degree angle and swing gently. This will help you walk faster
3. Land on your heel and roll your foot forward to your toe.
4. Brisk pace and use short strides. Taking more steps per minute has a positive impact.
5. Aim for at least 15,000 steps per day.

Remember, the faster, farther, and more frequently you walk the greater the benefits.

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