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Sport Series AT7500 Athletic Trainer 2

Are you looking for an intense workout that uses your muscles instead of electricity? Whether you are a novice or a serious athlete the Sport Series AT7500 Athletic Trainer Treadmill will be your favorite piece of equipment. This commercial grade treadmill is designed for walking, running, and high intensity workouts.

With a running area of 60” L x 22” W, it’s one of the largest out on the market. With this you can do various exercises that will work out different muscles. Here are just a few.

The lateral or sideways walk

Walking sideways on a treadmill works your hip abduction muscles as well as the groin muscles more directly and extensively than traditional forwards walking. There are three basic ways to walk sideways on a treadmill. The side shuffle, the front leg crossover, and the back leg crossover. Walking sideways also requires more concentration and can make the time go by much faster.

Walking Backwards

Not only will walking backwards strengthen your glutes, but it also works on your calves and quads. Walking backwards on a treadmill can improve your coordination, can help prevent back pain, and puts less strain on your knees. It also may help reduce symptoms of patellofemoral pain syndrome (aka runner’s knee) and ease pain in people with knee osteoarthritis.

Walking Lunges

Remember to keep your speed slow and hold onto the sides. When you are comfortable doing the lunges move your incline up. This will help tighten your thighs and your butt.

Crab Walk

Remember doing this as a kid? It was fun and it’s still a great exercise. Doing this on a treadmill will work your hamstrings, glutes, triceps, and your core.


Yes, you can do a High Intensity Interval Training on a treadmill. Here is a basic HIIT workout for treadmills that you can do in 20 minutes or less.

    • 5 minutes walking warm-up (between 2.5 and 3.5 mph)
    • 1 minute strider (4 to 7 mph with elongated strides)
    • 3 minute walk (3.0 to 3.5 mph) at 5% incline
    • 1 minute strider (4 to 7 mph) at 5% incline
    • 3 minute walk (3.0 to 3.5 mph) at 8% incline
    • 1 minute strider (4.0 to 7 mph) at 8% incline
    • 5 minute cooldown (3.0 to 3.5 mph) at 1% incline

This is the treadmill used by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now it’s being offered at $799 with an optional training harness ($199 value). Call Brigadoon Fitness today to get your Sport Series Athletic Trainer Treadmill.

image of Sport Series AT7500 Athletic Trainer man using a Sport Series AT7500 Athletic Trainerman running on a Sport Series AT7500 Athletic Trainer console of a Sport Series AT7500 Athletic Trainer

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