The Belt Squat Machine is a alternative piece of equipment designed to mimic a barbell back squat without loading the user’s spine.  They are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional squats as users can safely lift to failure by simply unhooking from the load. Additionally, it’s a great alternative for student-athletes, as it helps protect them from injury, especially when the weight room is crowded and supervision becomes difficult.

Once users have squatted with a belt squat, they will realize the value of having a vastly different way of completing the squat motion. The machine allows them to load a squat without having the weight across the shoulders; instead the load is down on the hips.  This lessens back injuries and allows athletes to load as heavy as they want.  Plus as mentioned earlier, a user can squat to failure, spotter-free, by simply unhooking from the load.

There are several manufactures of belt squats, but for a compact, impressive looking machine that’s manufactured entirely in the USA, the best is the Pit Shark.  There exist foreign manufacturers that are branding similar designs as a Pit Shark product, but they lack the quality materials and detailed workmanship that comes with a real Pit Shark piece.  Also, being a leveraged based product utilizing a lifetime ball bearing design, there are no cables to manage and maintain. Discover why dozens of professional sports teams, college teams and high school athletic programs are shifting to or adding the Pit Shark option to the weight room.

You can see the complete Pit Shark line at Brigadoon Fitness, 1818 Research Drive, Fort Wayne Indiana.


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