Treadmill Benefits – Five Reasons to Start Using a Treadmill Today

Modern science has proven that for a person to be healthy though exercise, a minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking daily for three to five days a week is sufficient. Marked improvements in many areas of physical and mental health will be observed, from increased energy and endurance levels to enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence brought by better physical health.

These five treadmill benefits can be yours from using a treadmill in the comfort of the gym or the home.

1) Complete Exercise with Time Efficiency

With a treadmill, the whole body is provided with a complete workout that no other fitness equipment can provide. Virtually every muscle in the body is involved, from the feet and legs for the walking part to the shoulders and arms for the balancing aspect. Also, you can exercise the skeletal support muscles as well as the cardiovascular system in just one workout session. Furthermore, these health benefits are gained in the shortest amount of time possible with the least resistance.

2) Protection for Your Bones

When walking in outdoor terrain, the feet and lower limbs are subjected to many types of stresses and strains that can be harmful to the body. This is because the impact of each step on the uneven ground may stress the joints and muscles beyond their comfort levels, thus, leading to injuries. With a treadmill, however, the padded surface protects the feet and the lower limbs from the impact of walking and running. Thus, there is less strain and stress on the joints, which is especially good for people at risk for osteoporosis like older people.

3) Multiplication of Natural Movements

When on a treadmill, the most natural movement to a human being – walking, of course – is multiplied thousands of times. Thus, there is no need to think about the movement because it a natural one, which is in stark contrast to the use of a stationary bike, a rower or an elliptical machine. To provide variety and challenge to the workout, users can reset the speed and incline of the machine. This way, optimum results can also be had with each change of pace.

4) Opportunity for Multi-Tasking

Treadmills allow users to perform a variety of tasks even when exercising. For one thing, watching television and listening to the radio is a breeze even when on the machine. For another thing, watching out for the kids in the house is an easier thing to do. These cardio machines also permit their users to monitor their progress even when in the process of exercising. This is made possible through the visual displays on the machines, which provide information on the number of calories lost, the heart rate, mileage and speed, to name a few.

5) Exercise Anytime

With treadmills, inclement weather and unfriendly terrain do not affect exercise frequency. Just as long as the machine is situated inside the house, the owner can use it anytime as desired. And there is no danger of getting lost, getting mugged and getting ripped on uneven terrain.

With these benefits of the treadmill, it is no wonder that it is the star of the gym everywhere.

Source by B. Massey

Note From Brigadoon Fitness

In as little as one to two weeks it’s possible to notice improved health from walking or running on a treadmill. There are many health benefits you get from walking/running on a treadmill such as:

  • Mood boost and reduced symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced brain function and prevention of memory loss
  • Reduced risk of type-2 Diabetes
  • Better nights sleep

Walking or running on a treadmill doesn’t have to be a drudge. While on a treadmill you can listen to music, watch tv/videos, even read a book.

The message to take away is that just 30-60 minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week will improve your body and mind.

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