Exercise Bikes For A Heart-Pounding Workout

Octane Fitness AirDyneX bike and True Fitness RC900

Exercising is not just about keeping you fit and building muscles, it is also about working up a sweat and losing weight. That’s why many exercise machine manufacturers have made a killing with so many gyms popping up all over the country. One exercise machine that is very affordable, compact enough to fit in a moderately sized house, and delivers great fitness results is the exercise bike, otherwise known as the stationary bike.

Why Buy an Exercise Bike?

Many people choose to buy an exercise bike because it is not big and very easy to store. Exercise bikes take up very little space, unlike other types of exercise such as jogging and dancing which need much more space. Exercise bikes are handy especially when it is inconvenient for you to go the gym.

Exercise bikes help improve fitness and stamina, and allow you to vigorously exercise both your lower body and upper body at the same time. The health benefits of exercise bikes are numerous. Aside from burning calories and losing weight, you can also improve your heart rate, strengthen your leg muscles and maintain your agility.

There are several types of exercise bikes available on the market today designed to meet different fitness and exercise needs. Some models are designed for fitness and stamina training, while other models are designed for stretching out and strengthening muscles.

So before you purchase an exercise bike, you need to first decide on your fitness and training goals.

There are 3 major types of exercise bikes available: the recumbent, upright, and the indoor cycling bikes.

#1: The recumbent bike allows riders to recline against a backrest and to extend their legs forward for pedaling. It is great for people suffering from back pain as this sitting posture lessens the stress on the spine. Recumbent bikes provide a great workout to the lower body, and also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. They are very useful when it comes to physical therapy and endurance training.

#2: The seat on an upright bike allows riders to sit astride the saddle. It is so designed to lessen the effort to pedal as riders can use their body weight when pedaling. Cyclists often use upright bikes as a warm up equipment.

#3: Indoor bikes, also called the spinning machine, are the most common exercise bikes offered. Riders can also pedal backwards, allowing them to exercise the back part of the leg muscles that are not exercised during forward pedaling.

Exercise bikes offer a heart pounding yet low-impact workout, while maintaining the ability to go at your own pace. They help you lose the extra pounds and help you get slimmer. They are also very affordable compared to other exercise machines.

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Note From Brigadoon Fitness

No matter the weather you can ride an exercise bike and get in a great heart pounding workout that will tone your legs. Recumbent bikes as well as upright bikes are incredibly effective choices for burning calories, losing weight, and building overall fitness.

Whichever you choose, a recumbent bike or an upright bike studies have shown that riding an exercise bike gives you a great cardio workout that produces better strength training results for lower body muscle groups. Exercise bikes work your quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, and glutes. While it cannot tighten your inner thighs it will help you tone your thigh muscles.

By riding a bike consistently you will notice an improvement in your aerobic capacity, which will give you higher energy levels throughout the day.

True Fitness Recumbent Bike RC900
True Fitness Recumbent Bike RC900
Woman standing beside an Octane Fitness AirdyneX
Octane Fitness AirdyneX Bike

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